About Us

We are an international investment company with the mission of backing promising startup companies in the most exciting high growth markets to build the unicorns of tomorrow.


What we value

We are not and do not want to be a traditional venture capital investor. Our roots lie in angel investing and the personal mentorship of startup companies. We have personally built up several businesses and been involved in the development and internationalisation of many more.

As we now grow our investment activities, we remain extremely selective in the companies we invest in, making sure we are not only able to make a direct impact on the company, but also to provide our investors with a unique, exciting investment opportunity.


We provide three support layers to startups: our team, our shareholders and our global network.


Growing a business can take time. We know.


We strive to always make a direct contribution to the growth of our companies.


We only work with startups or investors whom we personally trust.


Our investors all have co-investment rights for our transactions.


Our investment process is not a black box – we involve investors & provide updates.


We enjoy the process and hope our startups and investors do as well!


What we’ve learnt

Traditional Venture Capital has clear limitations

Traditional venture capital investing is a black box. It is intransparent, too risky and takes too long.

Uncertainty is everywhere

Learning to deal with uncertainty is the key to venture investing.

Entry valuations are key

They dictate the performance of an investment from the start.

Choosing companies is a complex process

Teams of co-investors make better decisions than individuals and can help to avoid the “lemming-effect”.

Look for proven business models

Invest in high-growth markets in business models that were proven in saturated markets.

Great deals benefit both parties

To get invited to great deals, you need to bring more to the table than money.

Discount & options make the difference

They align incentives and provide superior returns.

Dealflow is mandatory

A broad, varied dealflow is key to having a market overview. High-quality deals still have to be hand-picked.

Invest early, then back the winners

Track the progress of your early investments, then double down on those showing growth.

Timing is key

There are always new hyper-growth markets. You need to be there be ready when the trend is emerging.

What we do differently

As the speed of the digital revolution picks up, rigid investment strategies no longer work.

Traditional venture capital funds, focused on pre-defined regions, phases, industries or deal types are having difficulties capturing the best opportunities. We choose to keep an open mind, act as front runners and search for opportunities in different sectors, in the fastest growing markets around the globe. We like disruptive and scalable technologies, supported by proven business models. Above all, we value exceptional entrepreneurs.


What we promise founders

We are proud of our transparent, founder-friendly approach and always aim to be a driving force in the development of our portfolio companies. We take a hands-on approach, provide strategic advice and make relevant introductions through the our unrivalled network in the venture capital scene.


Experience to make better decisions.


We specialise in the international scaling of startups, being able to provide local expertise, office space, funding and guidance in over 15 key markets worldwide.

Hands-on and fun

We are approachable, available 24/7 and open for any question!.

Unrivalled network

We open doors where others can't and introduce potential investors, clients, suppliers, business development opportunities or cooperation partners.


We leverage our shareholder circle as well as the extended network to source potential investors for our portfolio companies’ investment rounds.


We provide a global reputation.